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Sleeper sofa mattress is one of the most important parts of sleeper sofa, no matter what its brands come from. A sleeper sofa has a frame, mattress, and cover. It has double duty as seating during the day and a guest bed at night. The frame of a sleeper sofa mostly has same structure and design if you look up on many products so it doesn’t really matter. What really matters is the mattress because many people love easy and fast-done stuffs while others are okay with traditional ones, such as traditional mattress which is heavy. There are bunch of mattress that you can choose, they range from under $100 up to more than $350. We have top three mattress option for you. The first one is Supreme Comfort

Mattress System which features a luxurious innerspring coil added with extra layer padding and makes your sleeping feel perfect. The second one is Memory Foam which has high-density foam base and will return to its original shape after every use. However, this type is revolutionary material due to its great support without excessive firm or bulk. The third one is SlumberAir Mattress System that has air-cushioned softness to comfort every move and easy-to-use hand-held pump. In addition, you can customize the firmness level then sleep well.

How to Choose Sleeper Sofa Mattress

1. Soft or firm or both choices
It depends on your need. If you want to sleep well and relax, perhaps you can choose the soft one and if you have one or two very active kids, buy the firm one. However, now you can choose either. Carefully determine which features you want in a sleeper sofa mattress because some only serve to protect the existing mattress and the others enhance the comfort and protect the underlying surface.
2. Allergies
Never underestimate allergies. There are people who are very sensitive to certain fabrics such as feathers. The safest fabric for your guests and your family is cotton or natural latex.
3. Storage
Consider your home space before buying a mattress. Will it be enough to be saved behind the cupboards or any other rooms?
4. Measurements
Again, it relates to your room size. Make sure it won’t get stuck to the door or any other furniture because it will look uncomfortable. Also, match the mattress with your sleeper sofa size.

Where to Buy Sleeper Sofa Mattress?

First, you can check them out on websites before going to furniture shop, especially for the price. Second, read the review carefully because people’s experiences are different each other. Your nice experience of a product might be bad for them. Hopefully this article will help you before buying a sleeper sofa mattress.

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