How to clean microfiber couch that Will Captivate Your Feeling

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How to clean microfiber couch is not easy, if we are wrong applying cleaner it will broke your microfiber couch. When we are going to discuss about how to clean microfiber couch, it is necessary for you to know what it microfiber is. Actually, microfiber is very thin strand. The reason why it is used for sofa is because it is attractive fabric for couch and sofas. Besides, the microfiber is repelling water and durable. But you have to know that it is not indestructible and impervious. So, you have to be careful for choosing the cleaning treatments.

Choosing clean microfiber couch treatments

When you will clean your microfiber sofas or couch, you have to determine what type of your microfiber is. By knowing the type, you can decide what cleaner can be used. There is microfiber couch which can be cleaned by using water or solvent cleaner, but unfortunately almost all of microfiber couch and sofas can’t be cleaned by both of them. Then how can we clean microfiber couch? The best answer is alcohol. Actually, microfiber is made by polyester material-based. For cleaning polyester material-based, the rubbing alcohol is good option. Then, how can we clean it with alcohol? These are the steps for cleaning microfiber couch with alcohol.

The first step is removing thoroughly the loose debris and the dust of the microfiber couch or sofa by using vacuum cleaner. This process will remove the dust firstly before you clean microfiber couch. The extension hose is the good tools for this. After this, use the dry smooth brush for scrubbing the stains. This process will lift the hard spills of the fabric in order the microfiber will be cleaner and smoother.

The next step is vacuuming all of the components of microfiber couch; either it is seat cushion or loose pillow. After that, clean the microfiber with alcohol, then rub this couch using smooth cloth which has been applied alcohol for polyester. For ink stain, after clean microfiber couch using alcohol, then place terry cloth or paper towel over the spilled wax then iron it quickly.

Clean microfiber couch is easy

The last step is rubbing butter on the couch which it is remained stain, then peeling it off and using soapy water to remove the greasy. And the closing is blowing the wet spots using hair dryer if it is necessary. And brush again for the finishing when it has been dry condition.

You can do it by yourself, you do not need calling the cleaning service to clean microfiber couch. It is very easy, isn’t it?

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