Comfortable IKEA Sleeper Collection: Couch

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ikea bedside sleeper
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Having IKEA sleeper to your living room not only safe the space but also money.

When you are looking for home furniture, IKEA cannot be excluded. IKEA is a multinational company that sells furniture, appliances, and home accessories. IKEA is the largest furniture retailer that spread in 46 countries with 351 stores. The company was found by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 in Sweden. IKEA is known for the design architectural for various appliance and furniture. Because of their design product development, attention to cost control, and detail operation, IKEA can stay long in six decades and be one of high quality Furniture Company. Their design work is often associated with eco-friendly concept, makes their products more acceptable for consumer. Although, there are huge amount of furniture collection available in IKEA one of best product that you cannot let it slides is IKEA sleeper. Whenever you are looking for sleeper, whether it is couch, sofa or futon; loveseat or armchair; you can grab what you want from IKEA Sleeper collection.

IKEA Sleeper couch

Choosing sleeper couch can save space and money. You can use have style couch that you can use it daily or save an extra bed for you guest. Sleeper couch with big option of styles and color, you can find them in IKEA sleeper couch. Some couches are available in just for you with 10 years warranty. The IKEA Sleeper couch is always included to top ten sleeper couched you should grab and bring it to your home. The IKEA sleeper is durable, stylist and comfortable. There are numerous styles that will fill your desire and need. Some couch like FRIHETEN, LUGNVIK, HEMNES, ERSKA, BALKARP are best for you. Especially for small room, you can get them to you room but still save some space. The price ranges from $129 to $300. If you are looking for sleeper with some storage grab Hemnes daybed frame, it is designed with three drawers. You can put the comfort and pillow during the day.

IKEA sleeper have a lot of type of sofa beds, and even casters to make the couch easier to move. Some seating series like, KARLSTAD and EXTORP, include beds that you can coordinate with the rest of the seating. Of course the cost little bit different with previous types, even though it is more pricy the price is worth with the quality and style of the couch. Looking for your own comforter preference? You can get it from their other sofa beds collection with another pattern and color. Arrange them with your own creativity!

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13 Photos of the Comfortable IKEA Sleeper Collection: Couch

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