Futon loveseat for nice sitting and sleeping experience

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A nice sitting and sleeping experience can be enjoyed by using Futon loveseat.

Did you ever hear what Futon loveseat is? Yes, Loveseats of Futon is very great to provide any maximum sleeping and sitting activities in the minimum area or space of floor in any room. Those loveseats are very ideal placed for small living rooms, for small office in the home, in the porches, and any other room. Those rooms should have at least 80 inches to 85 inches of wall space because the space is needed for a full size futon frame that will be placed there. By using a full size of loveseat you will actually save the space of your rooms. One kind of loveseat of Futon is Futon loveseat sleeper. You can choose a conventional full sized sleeper and a conventional twin sized sleeper. You will be able to fit a conventional full-size bed which has width of 54 inches times 75 inches into the spaces with the width of 60 inches. By using a twin-size loveseat, you will be able to fit any conventional twin-size bed which has 39 inches times 75 inches width into space with the width of 45 inches.

Futon loveseat sleeper

Once you have a Futon loveseat sleeper, you can set it in a couch position for sitting or as a bed position for sleeping. To change it into the positions above, you can see the following notes.

The picture beside is a loveseat sofa in a couch position if you want to sit. The position like that takes approximately 60 inches of the space in the wall. You can also use the ottoman cushion slides that are available in the behind of frame.

To set the Futon loveseat into a bed, you can pull the hidden third deck out so it will be in the lounger and be a bed position.

The picture beside shows that after the third deck is extended, the frame of the loveseat can become a lounger.
Just put the back down so you can get the full size with the width of 54 inches to 75 inches of guest bed. It is able for 2 adults to sleep above the loveseat.

Actually the Futon loveseat sleeper can save the space because it has trifold frames that are thin. The frames are completed with mattress over the back of the frames. This product is different with the other products. It saves the space because a full or twin sized use mattress and fold them in third by splitting in two pieces. The larger one is used to sit with a good looking. The smaller one is used when the couch is design as a bed by converting its frames and footstool and split the mattress so it will be nice. The mattress is also thick to make a comfortable experience of sitting and sleeping. However, this product of loveseat also has disadvantages. The mattresses folded are not too durable and perhaps not too comfortable. Besides, the trifold of the futon frames are sometimes un-attractive and difficult to convert.

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13 Photos of the Futon loveseat for nice sitting and sleeping experience

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