About the IKEA Sleeper Sofa

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Ikea Sleeper Sofa with chaise

IKEA sleeper sofa is ready to fill up your furniture needs! Having a lovely house and impressing house guests is happiness for homeowners and this is also applied for apartment owner. But isn’t it too scarifying when you choose to sacrifice style just because you are about to welcome one or several guests? As a customer, we want benefits in buying something and buying a sofa is not like buying a snack. It quite spends much money and you must choose one carefully and it meets your need. Having surveyed on internet, we find top 16 sleeper sofas which are readers’ favorite.

The most favorite choice is Karlstad sofa sleeper from IKEA which costs you $849. It replaced Manstad sofa sleeper which was well-known and customers’ favorite a few years ago. According to a customer, the Karlstad looks stylish and comfortable as a couch even though he hasn’t tried it out yet. There are 8 new additions which has started being customers’ favorite and IKEA takes the first place named Beddinge Lovas Sofa Bed.

What People Say About the IKEA Sleeper Sofa?

According to J. Batman, IKEA sleeper sofa mattress has various choices or different level of mattress for futons. It also lasts long. He bought a set of futon (mattress, frame, and cover) about nine years ago for $500 and he has been sleeping on it for 5 years as a guest bed and it still works well. According to second customer, Pottery, the Manstand Sofa Sleeper which costs him $800 is incredible and he loves it very much. It is easy to pull out and folded when his guests come over. On another website, Ektorp sleeper sofa from IKEA is the most favorite choice. It is great and cozy for a couple, but some customers do not recommend it for people who are used to sleep in kind or queen size bed. Besides its price, IKEA also offers stylish sleeper sofa with classic colors and their products are always on the list of furniture magazines or website.

IKEA Sleeper Sofa mattress and Its competitors

According to some websites brands such as Craiglist, Jennifer Convertible, Wayfair, Aerobed, Rowe Furniture, Pier, West Elm, Room and Board, Crate & Barrel, and Blu Dot’s are IKEA’s competitors which mean that their products are considered great, comfortable and last long. All of their choices depend on their need and condition. To a lot of people, they prefer choose IKEA sleeper sofa.

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