Microfiber Couches Cleaning: Alcohol Solvent

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It is difficult to get rid the stain in your microfiber couches? Try this microfiber couches cleaning tips!

Before we talk about microfiber couches cleaning tips, we need to understand what microfiber is. If you look for microfiber furniture, you will face furniture made by fiber with very thins strands that can be made to look like a suede or leather. The fiber will make an attractive touch for sofas and couches.  Furthermore, microfiber is durable and repels water, it suit for furniture well. However there are a lot of people would like you to believe that the fabric is impervious to stains and pretty much imperishable.

Microfiber couches cleaning tips

What make microfiber couches cleaning become difficult is that most of them are can not use soap and water to clean it. Microfiber couches have this nasty trait of being intolerable to clean with soap and water because they leave stains, like water rings make the couches look worse than before you cleaned it. However with little care you still can remove your grimy couches. You can use alcohol to clean them. Before you clean your couches, you need to determine the type of microfiber furniture you have. There is a tag on the furniture that has one of the following codes:

  • W     → You must use water based in cleaning solution
  • S     → You must use Solvent based cleaner
  • S-W     → You can use S or W type of cleaners.
  • X     → You can vacuum only, there is no water or solvent based solutions

For you who get ‘W’ tag you can use the water and do not need other cleaning tips then. But unfortunately most of the couches will have an ‘S’ tag or not at all, so we need to play safe, you can clean it with solvent based cleaner. What solvent are you supposed to use? Microfiber is polyester –based, and things that can be used to clean polyester will do the same to clean microfiber, and for this case you can clean your couches with rubbing alcohol, clear alcohol such as vodka can be used as well. Yes you can directly rubbing the stain with alcohol and see the result. However after the cleaning, the fabric can become hard. The solution for that problem is you need to gently rub the hardened fabric with soft scrub brush. This microfiber couches cleaning tips gives incredible result. The old and grimy couches can look new and clean. Prove it yourself!


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