Options for Oversized Sectional Sofa

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Oversized sectional sofa is a choice for you who like beautiful and elegant furniture. People tend to put the sectional sofa in their living room not only for the practical usage but also the uniqueness shape. Sectional sofa also offers many functions along with the items. Some of them are storages and sleeper. However, another creation in sectional sofa is the oversized piece.

What is Oversized Sectional Sofa?

When you notice a sofa set, sometimes you will find a piece that has a largest size. The piece is usually put in the edge. It is called the oversized sectional sofa. Some oversized pieces are used as bed or sleeper. The oversized pieces deliver a modern and comfortable look. You will feel warm when seeing an oversized piece it your living room.

When you have a guest, while in the same time you only have a limited space in your house or apartment, you can use the oversized sectional sofa as his or her bed. Cover your oversized pieces with a warm bedcover to make your guest feel comfort.

There are several materials for this oversized piece. If you want the warm impression, you can use the fabric material. However, if you want to have an elegant impression, the leather material is a good option. Check the catalogue or collection of several manufacturers. You can see in their website along with the price. You can adjust it with your budget.

Design Ideas for Color

Choosing the perfect furniture is nothing without a great color. Adjust your oversized sectional sofa color with your room theme. Consider the other furniture color and style. When most of your furniture is made of wood or natural material, you better take the natural color such as brown or ivory for your oversized pieces color.

However, when your furniture is made of metal that impress the modern style, you better use dynamic color for your oversized pieces. If your furniture looks so heavy, you need to keep your room balance by putting the light color.

As for the pattern, there are many choices. Adjust it also with the ornament or the tiles. If you want to contrast the color, you should check their harmony. Even the contrast color can be wonderful if you can choose the right matches.

After finding the perfect oversized pieces, try to put in your room. Make sure the pieces will not make your room looks narrow. Doing this, you will have a perfect look for your living room with oversized sectional sofa.


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