Restoring the Black Leather Sofa

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Black leather sofa bed

Black leather sofa symbolizes an elegant, formal room. Design for giving a formal impression, black leather sofa sometime can be used for an informal situation. The leather is often chosen in the name of the impression and the easiness in cleaning process. However, sometimes we find some cracks on our leather sofa. What we should do to deal with the cracks?

Balm Usage to recolor your black leather sofa bed

Basically, there are two ways to restore the leather. First, use the certain balm to recolor your black leather sofa bed. To use this balm, you have to make sure that your leather surface can absorb the balm in order to have it penetrate. This balm also works well on your surface with a crack or split, uncovering the lighter part under the surface.

People prefer using the balm since it is cheap. The usage is not that difficult too, while the result can meet people expectation. You however need to remember one thing. The balm only can fix the color. It is actually not fixing the crack. The balm only helps us hiding the crack by fixing the color.

Complete Restoration black leather sofa set

If you want to restore your black leather sofa set completely, there are some chemical substances to use. First, you need to prepare your leather first. Clean your black leather sofa. Use your vacuum to remove the dirt, dust or debris. You can wipe it away with the soaked clothes and mild soap. Dry it.

We also need to remove the oil, wax, and silicone left on your black leather sofa set. First, you should clean the back and the sides. For the sides, you better wipe the dust by using a cloth that soaking in alcohol cleaner.

Do not forget to prepare the cushion for sitting and areas that get more stress. Rub them to remove the finish of the leather. When you see the leather color transfer to the color, it means that you have removed the finish from your black leather sofa bed. To remove the silicone and wax, however, you need to use alcohol cleaner. Spray the alcohol cleaner onto the leather. Wait around 30 minutes to let the alcohol evaporate along with the wax and silicone.

After removing all of them, you should to strengthen your leather. It will prevent your black leather sofa to crack. You need to do this protection regularly. It will save more money. You do not have to but the new one or do the big repairmen. The color restoration can be applied after this. Now, you will have a like new black leather sofa.

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13 Photos of the Restoring the Black Leather Sofa