The Touch Of Black Velvet Sofas

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Black velvet sofas can be the best comfortable choice for your elegant living room. The black color already shows elegance, high personal taste, and exotic. Meanwhile, the velvet material is very attractive for everyone visiting your living room. Velvet is a soft material and if you treat it with proper care, your furniture will be last long.

The Velvet Sofa Treatment

The luxurious black velvet sofas of yours will give you a great responsibility. You must treat the velvet sofa with careful handling. Choosing the black color will leave you many concerns on prevent the sofas from various ‘unpredictable accidents’. Stains from splashing wine, your pet’s hairs, slight slip of your guest’s coffee mug, and sparkling dust from your lighted cigar are only some causes that can harm your velvet sofas.

Indeed, caring for your velvet sofas is a fascinating task that needs your patience and also sincerity as long as you have them in your home. You need to do preparation dealt with cleaning the sofas. It includes always providing yourself with cleaners, covers, brushes, towels, etc. Then, you must frequently clean up your velvet sofa because the velvet sofa has its demands. You may not just laze around on the sofa without tidying it up regularly. Well, a velvet sofa really requires cleaning every week for maintaining its elegant look. Furthermore, you can always use a helpful vacuum cleaner in doing your cleaning task. You should begin from the fleshy arm rests, crannies that are difficult to reach; shift to cruise-over back rests; stop a moment at the pillows and cushions; then finish the task with the legs and base. Use strong suction brush so that you will not stress the neatly woven fibers of the fabric. Then, you may prefer a static charged brush to vacuum pump because static brush can pull apart the hidden dust particles smoothly. Another important part of sofa care is removing the stains off your velvet sofa. Well, you will definitely need a cleaning solutions kit. By that equipment, your effort in removing the unwanted stains from the sofa can give the effective result. You should never use harsh chemicals that are either acidic or basic in nature. You must choose neutral cleaning fluids.

Keeping Your Velvet Sofa Comfy

The velvet sofas are so soft and delicate. You must always change your sitting positions to maintain the sofa’s firm shape. Furthermore, you should pad up the sofa and keep the uniform distribution of its density. The important thing is you should place the sofa on the right position, at least 0.5-1 cm distance part from the walls so that it can breathe. Then, you can enjoy the comfort of your black velvet sofas.

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